Laguna / 2017

Just a short week after getting home from Portland I had another opportunity to travel for work... but this time, to a place not so cold and dreary. L A G U N A  B E A C H. Every time I'm out of town I get a few messages from different people asking what I... Continue Reading →


Portland / 2017

My 2017 tour of travels has begun. I took a short work trip to Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington over the weekend. I told myself that I would be better about taking more photos of my travels this year, but nothing seems to fairly capture the experience of visiting a new place for the first time. I... Continue Reading →

New York, New York!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit New York City for the first time. My boss confirmed the trip roughly 7 days before we left. I didn't take nearly as many photos as I planned to, but when you visit NYC for the first time (and you're toting around a lot of... Continue Reading →

Fall break in the Springs

Over fall break I got to visit Colorado Springs for the first time. It was a quick, spontaneous trip, but definitely a blast. Two weeks before leaving I requested off work and we booked the Airbnb. (which is, by the way, a MUCH better option than a hotel. $60 a night - just sayin') We left... Continue Reading →

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