Life is confusing.

I just feel like I need to say it. Somewhere. So here it is. I have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going. I don't know if I'm okay with it, but I feel like I have to be. I feel alone. Not in a sad way. I realize that I have plenty... Continue Reading →


Hey 2018

For the past few years, I've written a blog post at the end of December to recap the year and to reflect on some of my hopes or goals for what's to come. And here we are. December 30, 2017. I've got one, full day left with 2017 and what a year it's been. I'd say... Continue Reading →


Well, today I turn twenty-five. A year ago today, I was on a birthday trip in Gulf Shores, Alabama, at an urgent care near the beach, getting blood drained out of my thumb after slamming it in a rental car door. I remember being worried that this would set the tone for what twenty-four had... Continue Reading →

Breaking up with 2016

THANK GOD. Is it just me, or did 2016 kind of suck? I know it's not just me. I've read your Facebook posts, I've seen everyone's relatable memes and tweets. 2016 was ROUGH. I think some part of me knew 2016 was going to be one hell of a ride because this is what I... Continue Reading →

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