Sweet Sentiment

Originally I planned on titling this blog post, “Mourning for The Past.” Kind of morbid, right? I’ve been mulling over so many thoughts over the past few weeks. I’m almost unbearably sentimental about everything lately. A song, a smell, a funny joke, driving by an old personal landmark. Hell, I’m even sentimental about saying goodbye to fictional characters in a finale on a TV show.

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Girls Shaming Girls

We’ve heard it all – skinny shaming, fat shaming, body shaming, and even period shaming. If you are one of the few who has not heard about this phenomenon, “(insert adjective here) shaming” is essentially making another person feel bad about their own image, personality, or sometimes even something they cannot control.

Thinking about this phenomenon, I have created a term that I believe encapsulates all forms of shaming – girl shaming.

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