Whole 30 Recap

Hello friends! I know I didn't update after week 2 of the Whole30 but my schedule has been very busy. It's hard to take photos of every single meal or snack that I eat! But anywho, I'm here now to give you the recap of my 30 day journey. To be completely honest, the Whole30... Continue Reading →


Whole 30 Week 2

Hello! Week 2 of Whole 30 in the books, guys. Still going strong! This week was significantly more busy for me because I went back to school and also started my internship.   Sticking to the strict Whole30 diet, making time for the gym, and driving around between classes, work and my internship, has turned me... Continue Reading →

Whole 30 Week 1

Yaaay! I made it through week 1 of the Whole 30. Before I go to sleep tonight I will mark off day 7 of 30 on my homemade, countdown fridge calendar. Surprisingly the first week wasn't as tough as I expected it to be. Partially because I'm used to eating a (mostly) healthy diet, and... Continue Reading →

Whole 30 – Here We Go

I mentioned in Life Lately + Welcoming 2016 that I am going to take on the Whole30 starting tomorrow, January 4. What is the Whole30, you ask? It's a nutrition plan to help you re-energize, re-boost, and re-start from the inside out. I'm going to attach the link to the website HERE, so you can read the intricate... Continue Reading →

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