Whole 30 Recap

Hello friends!

I know I didn’t update after week 2 of the Whole30 but my schedule has been very busy. It’s hard to take photos of every single meal or snack that I eat! But anywho, I’m here now to give you the recap of my 30 day journey.

To be completely honest, the Whole30 has not been extremely challenging for me. I already eat healthy so it’s the small adjustments like no cheese or dairy, no desserts and no bread or grains has been the hardest part. After making it through week 1, it was (pretty much) smooth sailing. I have missed going out to eat. It’s tough to stay compliant at restaurants, even if the food isn’t necessarily “bad for you.”

I know what you’re wondering… did I cheat? Yes. And I will tell you what they were because I have a guilty conscious and have a tendency to tell on myself when I mess up. (Like the time in second grade when my mom told me not to shave my legs in the bath, but I did anyways and stuck my leg up on the desk in front of her and asked her to “feel how smooth my legs are” …subtle, Mason.)

Cheater list:

50 calorie cheese stick – on my way to a meeting immediately after work, was starving, a coworker had these and I had no snacks.

Homemade tomato soup – for a coworker’s birthday party. I DID manage to stay away from the giant, chocolate and peanut butter cake, though. So…give me some credit.

Lemon-drop mixed drinks and trail mix – I was at a wedding and told myself it was okay to splurge a little.

Queso/half a burger – I was house hunting with Pierce’s family for 7 hours and we went out to eat. I was out of groceries and didn’t feel like toting around tupperware. This was the day after the lemon-drop incident. By the way, I felt like SH!T after this 24 hour tear-up of my body.

A thin mint Girl Scout cookie – I’m not going to justify this one. But it was only one.

So no, I did not manage to stay 100% compliant. This was my first time on the Whole30 and if I only had those five screw-ups, I’m pretty proud of myself. The big lemon-drop-queso-burger incident happened with 24 hours of each other and I can’t explain to you how terrible I felt the next day. I immediately remembered why I don’t have a regular diet of greasy, fatty food. It makes me feel TERRIBLE. Especially because this was the weekend of week three and my body wasn’t used to that crap at all. It had a rude awakening.

One question I’ve gotten a lot is, “How much weight are you losing?” During the Whole30 you’re not supposed to be focusing on weight-loss. This wasn’t about being skinnier. And I still ate as often as I regularly was before I started. The food I ate during the Whole30 was just better because it was real food.

So on Day 1 I weighed 122, and now I weigh 120. So a whopping 2 lbs. Haha! I hardly lost any weight but here’s a picture of before/after.


I wish I would’ve taken body measurements. The major difference I’ve noticed is my tummy is flatter – not bloated from crappy food. My waist is smaller because my pants are fitting looser. My legs have slimmed down slightly and I’ve toned up a bit. I continued my regular gym regimen, going no less than 4 times per week. Mixing it up with cardio, weight training and various classes at my gym. (PS… standing like this is so unflattering and not complimenting my shape in any way, but I guess that’s part of this whole ‘honest sharing’ thing.)

So do I plan on continuing with the Whole30 lifestyle? Actually I do! I feel so much better when I’m eating whole, clean foods. My body does not respond well to processed junk. I feel sluggish and bloated. Not to say I won’t still frequent my favorite local restaurants or splurge on a dessert from time to time, but eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle helps me feel better in all aspects of my life.

If you can swing it, I say give the Whole30 a try. But you have to be in the right mindset to do it. You have to be ready to say no to all of the treats in the office everyday and come to the realization that maybe you CAN part with fast food for 30 days. I’ll share some photos that I’ve snapped over the last two weeks of my Whole30 journey.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Final Thoughts?

  1. I WILL continue to eat Larabars and drink LaCroix.
  2. I do have the willpower to turn down crap that isn’t good for me. Fruit and nuts for a snack really is better than Little Debbie cakes.
  3. I won’t beat myself up if I eat badly.
  4. I’ll let myself splurge on occasion with no self hate.
  5. I am going to pack a Whole30 lunch today, but I’m also going to treat myself to an iced coffee and a donut on my way to class (;

If you have any questions at all about the Whole30 or considering it for yourself, feel free to reach out to me! Or visit the website here.

Thanks for following along on my journey! That’s what’s in my jar.


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