Realistic Resolutions

These were my resolutions posted on Facebook for 2015:

Realistic resolutions this year consist of:

1. Make my bed (most) every day
2. Actually wear the clothes I buy
3. Avoid cutting my hair in hopes that it will be long one day
4. Continue to build my savings
5. Keep up my healthy lifestyle

Proud of my small accomplishments in 2014. Finishing my associate degree, starting at a new university with a 3.5 GPA, staying consistent at the gym, becoming more responsible, landing a job I love, finding out who my friends really are, and ending the year in my (super adorable) first place. Let’s see what 2015 has to offer!

I would say that during 2015 I managed to make my bed (mostly) every day. Out of the 365 days in the year…my bed was made at least 300 of them. I have continued to wear the clothes I buy, and have gotten rid of them ones I don’t. I haven’t cut my hair people… this is a big deal. It’s grown A LOT – and I’m considering cutting it in the new year. My savings account grew and grew… until I got a new car. I have continued to live a consistent healthy life style. I’m not the skinniest, the curviest, the fittest, or the strongest, but I am HEALTHY.

In 2015 I actually achieved the goals I set out for myself. Reflecting, 2015 had good and bad memories, but because one of my new year’s resolutions is approaching life with a more positive outlook, I will only review the good.

I found enjoyment in new ways to exercise – yoga, spinning, and body pump. I started blogging. I spent a full year in my first place. I rode horses at Beavers Bend. I learned more than I suntanned in the summer. I found a new love for craft beer. I made new friends, and said goodbye to old ones. I maintained a 3.5 GPA while balancing 18 hours and working five days a week. I have figuratively and literally cut down the crap and clutter in my life. I discovered a new interest in women’s issues and began to call myself a feminist – because it’s not a dirty word (see here). I hit my one year mark at work – and still love my job. I finally started to use the CrockPot I was gifted over a year ago. I got my first NEW car. I visited a state I had never been to and climbed a mountain while I was there. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions and obstacles but all in all, I wouldn’t take any of it back.

NEW New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Be more positive. Face-to-face and on social media.
  2. Care less about what other people think. We’re all guilty of it. Don’t worry about the girl who gave you a dirty look at the gym. Maybe she just smelled something bad.
  3. Finish my last semester of school with A’s and B’s. So far so good!
  4. Put the most of what I have into everything I do. This semester is going to be busy, but there’s nothing I can do about it – except power through it and give it my all.
  5. Find something I love and stick with it.
  6. Keep up with blogging. Even if there are weeks worth of gaps between posts and even if nobody is reading it. Don’t give up.

So, I’ll leave you with this: I’m not going to say, “Let’s kick 2016’s ass!” I’m going to say, let’s pretend that 2016 is a really long elevator ride with 365 stops on the way to the top. I want to get off at every stop with a positive attitude and the knowledge that even if this one turns out to be shitty, there are plenty more ahead. *Yes, you can now laugh at how corny I am* But I’m serious!

For the last time in 2015, that’s what’s in my jar.

Thank you to all of the people I love who made my year so memorable.


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