Daily MakeUp Routine

My daily makeup routine is simple. Because I work in the public eye, I like to look put together. However I DON’T like to spend a lot of time on makeup in the morning, and I personally don’t feel like myself when I’m wearing a lot.

This is the first post done COMPLETELY on my iPhone. As much as I enjoy beautiful blog posts and photography, I want to be able to be real. I don’t want to feel like I need to edit every single picture, every single post and every single detail about my life. So no, this post may not be as pretty, but I hope you can enjoy it just as much!

The daily routine:

 Here I am with nothing but moisturizer on. Girl needs some help. My skin gets SO dry when the weather starts to change.

To start out, I use Clinique’s matte foundation. It has a smooth coverage that helps even out my skin without feeling heavy or cakey. I wear Ivory 06 ($23)


I smooth it outward with my foundation brush to get the most even coverage possible.

Next I use Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder in translucent ($3) to get a lightweight, finished look.

Now it’s time for my favorite eye shadow pallet: Nude Tude from The Balm.

My first step for my daily shadow is to sweep my favorite color in the pallet, “Stubborn.” across my entire eyelid. It’s a pretty pink neutral that gives a subtle sheen.

I then take my blending brush for combination of “Selfish” and “Sultry” to mix in the crease.

Easy enough!

For the finishing touches, I take this white shimmery color “Sassy” and apply it under my brow line.


I bounce around with different mascara’s but right now I’m using Mary Kay’s Ultimate Mascara ($14).


After curling, mascara goes on top and bottom lashes!

For the finishing touches, I added a red matte lip balm from Revlon ($7). They just released new Fall colors and I WILL be purchasing them soon!


Taking photos of yourself applying makeup is not only challenging, but almost always really awkward. Props to pro beauty bloggers – I need a few lessons.


Check out that before & after!

My bathroom doesn’t have great lighting and like I mentioned before, these pictures have zero editing. I love what fun filters and proper posing can do, but I don’t want everything I do to revolve around some “perfect” image of myself that isn’t real.

Going all natural is fine, wearing a lot of make up is fine, wearing a little bit of make up is fine. Just be comfortable in whatever makes you feel the best about YOU.

What’s your daily beauty routine?

(Yes I’m wearing my backpack. I snapped this speedy quick on my way to class so I could get the makeup look in natural lighting.)


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  1. You looked pretty both with and without. In my opinion the natural lighting looked the best after makeup. Oh I did finally get to see your makeup routine as you can tell by my comment. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

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