Mason’s jar… part two?

Hello! Welcome to my new blog. Same name, same gal, same ideas… just a new format.

A few friends suggested this site to me specifically for blogging. I’ve been looking around for a new place to create so we will see how this goes. Eventually I would love to pay for my formatting and make things fancy around here, but for now I plan on keeping it simple.

I’ve been pretty dormant over on my other blog (mason’s jar part 1) for the past few months. Approaching my senior year over the summer I felt so overwhelmed, anxious, on edge, and unfortunately uninspired.

Now that I’m back in school and on a regular schedule I’m getting excited about writing again. Creative classes and group discussions get my mind juices flowin’. I already have a list of 20+ ideas for upcoming blog posts, so as long as my homework allows it, I plan on posting weekly!

Blogging is not only a handy tool to carry with me into my future career (ya know, just 8 months away from being a college grad), but I’ve found that it’s an incredible outlet for creativity, frustration, and inspiration. It doesn’t matter if a thousand people view my posts, or if my grandma is the only one to read them. What matters is that feeling you get when you hit the “PUBLISH” button and you can feel confident about what you put out for the world to read.

If you’re reading this, thank you for keeping up with me and this silly little blog. It truly encourages me to continue writing for personal enjoyment and not just boring classwork. If anyone has suggestions on something they would like for me to write about please comment below or send me a personal message!

As always… That’s what’s in my jar.

P.S. Easily keep up with my most recent blog posts by simply entering your email under my “Follow Me” box! 


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